22 de March de 2024

Benefits of Yoga: Exclusive interview with Yulia, expert in well-being and inner connection.

Yoga, an ancient discipline of Indian origin, has gained global recognition thanks to its physical, mental and spiritual benefits. At its core, it seeks the integration […]
20 de February de 2024
corporate retreats

How to Find the Ideal Venue for Corporate Retreats at Can Vital

In the fast-paced world of business, the importance of team-building events cannot be underestimated. Central to the success of these events is the selection of the […]
13 de February de 2024
team retreat

Can Vital Team Retreat: Inspiring health and wellness in your team

Discover the Perfect Retreat Haven for Your Team at Can Vital In the whirlwind of the corporate world, finding a space that inspires health and well-being […]
6 de February de 2024
offsite meeting

Off-Site Meeting: revealing the charm with Can Vital

Discover the Power of Off-Site Meeting: Exploring the World of Off-Site Offsite meeting in the business field, is setting a trend that goes beyond traditional meetings. […]
22 de December de 2023

The Best Yoga Retreat Near Barcelona for 2024: A Blissful Haven for Yoga Enthusiasts

Are you seeking an idyllic escape to nourish your mind, body, and soul through the serene practice of yoga? Nestled near the vibrant city of Barcelona […]
29 de November de 2023
Spiritual Retreat in Barcelona

Spiritual Retreat Barcelona: Can Vital Complete Wellness Experience

In the bustling heart of Barcelona, finding a space of peace and renewal is an unmatched treasure. Can Vital, a company specialized in renting houses for […]
20 de November de 2023

The Power of Nature: Silence, Pure Air

Immersing yourself in nature is a balm for the soul. The silence it offers, the fresh air, and the natural beauty are remedies that renew our […]
17 de November de 2023
Benefits of yoga

Benefits of yoga: Can Vital Retreat Experiences

Discovering Can Vital At the heart of the spiritual search, Can Vital stands as a refuge for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves. Can Vital […]
24 de February de 2022

Business Retreats and Team Building

Business Retreats and Team Building During the last weekend of January, we hosted the first business group of the year – Riskmedia, a Barcelona-based international insurance brokerage […]
29 de December de 2021
retreat center

Why I started Can Vital – a retreat center in Catalunya

Frederik Mellentin, founder of Can Vital Retreat Center In the beginning of 1998, I was a self-employed business consultant living a life in the fast lane with a lifestyle that didn’t […]

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