The Kitchen

From The Kitchen Garden

Sustainable menus, composed by seasonal, organic, quality products of proximity. We strive for you to enjoy new and familiar tastes and flavours. We aim to surprise you but we will cater for any specific dietary requirements of yours.

Breakfast - 12€

Lunch - 20€

Dinner - 30€

Summer Menu


Gazpacho of cucumber, avocado and lime      (VN-GF) 

Cold Melon soup with crunchy seeds and coconut (VN-GF) 

Salad of lettuce and tomatoes cherry from the garden, vegan cheese and Asian sauce  (VN-GF)

Main Course

Black rice with leak, zucchini and green asparagus with ali-oli (VN-GF)

Spaghetti of Quinoa, with Heura, seeds and nuts (VN-GF)

Vietnamise rolls with turmeric mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce (VN-GF)


Chocolate, beetroot and walnut brownie with vanilla ice cream (V)

Fresh Pineapple macerated with ginger and fresh mint (VN)

Iced Tiramisu (V)

(V) Vegetarian; (VN) Vegan; (GF) Gluten free

The House

The house has focused on being eco-friendly and makes use of solar panels for energy generation.

The house has been designed to provide you with a complete wellness experience and offers a variety of spaces to complement your stay.

The swimming pool is with saltwater, not only environmentally friendly but also excellent for your skin.

See our program of activities

Barcelona Retreat at Can Vital

August 26th – 30th, 2021

CAN VITAL (Penedès)

«Bikram Yoga, Yin Yoga og Hiit»


«The Journey»

September 3rd – 5th, 2021

Pyrenees, Mont-rebei Gorge and Can Vital (Penedès)

Feminine roots, inner fire, anew start

by Zoe Balash & Enka Shanti

Vipassana Retreat with Christiane Wolf

September 20th – 26th, 2021

Can Vital (Penedès)

Vipassana –  Silent Meditation     RETREAT


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