What would the ocean be without drops…?

It is essential to promote sustainable management, since everything we do has an impact on the planet.

Sustainability has become a philosophy for us and a way of life. In every process or daily decision, we tend to question ourselves if we can do it in a more sustainable way.

We know we can’t change the world on a large scale, but prioritizing respect and care for the environment is a responsible way of living towards Mother Earth.

We want Can Vital to be an example of sustainable management and hope it inspires you to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We want to raise awareness, both for ourselves and for everyone who passes through Can Vital, about the fact that we are all part of an ecosystem and that our actions matter, no matter how insignificant they may seem in the grand scheme of things.

What would the ocean be without drops…

How do we promote sustainable management? 

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Renewable Energies

Solar Panels

The solar panels were installed in June 2022. Thanks to them, we have reduced our electricity consumption by 32%.

This photovoltaic installation has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the European Union under the Next Generation Program.

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Renewable Energies


Since our inception, we have been using a biomass boiler to supplement the water supply, which is heated by burning briquettes.

The briquettes are made from the compounds of the shavings generated in the furniture manufacturing process of the company TENUEE life.

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Energy. low consumption.

LEDs & Automatic exterior lights

It is known that LED lights can help save up to 80-60% of energy consumption compared to other bulbs.

Additionally, motion sensors help avoid unnecessary energy expenditure, thus contributing to reducing consumption.

At FREDMEL HOLDING, S.L., we are always mindful of the importance of the Environment, both for society and for our activities. For this reason, in our commitment to reduce the environmental impact, an investment has been made through the installation of solar panels on the roof, which allows us to generate clean, renewable and sustainable energy.

FREDMEL HOLDING, S.L., has invested a total of €29,990.00, in 40 solar panels, with a unit power of 410 Wp, being the total installed power of 16.40 kWp and estimating an annual production of 20,697.79 kWh/ year.

This investment has been carried out thanks to the aid of the Program of incentives linked to self-consumption and storage, with renewable energy sources, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed by the European Union – NextGeneartionEU, obtaining a grant of €5,969.60.

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