corporate retreats

7 de May de 2024
corporate retreats

Corporate retreats with a focus on Sustainable Food

At corporate retreats, every detail counts, and the food is no exception. At Can Vital, we understand that food plays a fundamental role in the participants’ […]
29 de April de 2024
teamwork building

Improve Your Teamwork Building With Can Vital’s Effective Activities

In Can Vital, we know that enhancing your teamwork building forms the bedrock of success in any endeavour, be it in the corporate realm or within […]
25 de April de 2024
team building barcelona

Enhance Team Cohesion with Can Vital’s Team Building Activities in Barcelona

Are you looking for team building Barcelona activities? Are you looking to reconnect with nature, feel the rhythm of your heartbeat and find stillness and inner […]
18 de April de 2024
Emotional well-being

Emotional well-being: Pranayama practice with Can Vital

Emotional well-being plays a fundamental role in a balanced and fulfilling life. At Can Vital, we understand that taking care of the mind and emotions is […]
20 de February de 2024
corporate retreats

How to Find the Ideal Venue for Corporate Retreats at Can Vital

In the fast-paced world of business, the importance of team-building events cannot be underestimated. Central to the success of these events is the selection of the […]
13 de February de 2024
team retreat

Can Vital Team Retreat: Inspiring health and wellness in your team

Discover the Perfect Retreat Haven for Your Team at Can Vital In the whirlwind of the corporate world, finding a space that inspires health and well-being […]